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Naqab Zun. Resham Gali Ki Husna. Jo Tu Chahay. Main Na Janoo.Best Pakistani dramas of that should not be missed are all those dramas which had the best script and were executed equally well on screen. This year we saw quite a few ground-breaking dramas on Pakistani television channels.

These dramas were widely appreciated, others got critical acclaim but failed to win over the masses perhaps because they were distressing and did not sugarcoat reality. This year also marked the comeback of family dramas which was truly refreshing. We truly appreciate all the hard work the teams of these best Pakistani dramas put in order to make them a success and a special thanks to all those producers who dared to be different and explored different genres, giving the viewers something unique to tune to.

Aangan can easily be termed as the best Pakistani drama of the year. Faiza Iftikhar penned down the story of every single Pakistani household that is why it turned out to be the favourite drama of all those viewers who tuned to it. Aangan had everything to offer; from beautifully relatable characters to comedy, to social messages that were conveyed brilliantly and some emotional moments — it was like living a journey with all those beautiful people and that is why Aangan deserves to be labelled as one of the best dramas of Aangan turned out to be a huge hit and probably one such drama that struck a chord with the masses because it showcased the reality in such a way that resonated with everyone.

Brilliant performances by all the actors and the way they carried out their characters made everyone not only fall in love with them all but also form such a connection that the viewers laughed when they laughed and cried when they did.

Dar Si Jati Hei Sila was powerful, hard-hitting, relevant and definitely the kind of drama which educates and engages at the same time. It focused on many social issues from the complications arising from arranged marriages to the limitations and drawbacks of a joint family system.

This drama artfully and unapologetically highlighted many important issues which are most often brushed under the carpet or are not dealt with too seriously.

best pakistani dramas on hum tv

The best part of this drama was that it had so many important messages for the victims as well as for the abusers! Dar Si Jati Hei Sila was Thought provoking, gripping, intense and disturbing — definitely one of the most impressive dramas this year! Khudgarz is one such drama that gives you a multi-dimensional insight into human emotions.

Khudgarz happens to be a story of revenge and redemption, from being lost and bitter to finding a purpose and being on a journey of self-discovery, from having extreme hatred to experiencing what it is like to selflessly love people. Khudgarz had so much to offer and despite being a little different than what the viewers are usually used to watching, this drama rightfully garnered recognition because of the way it was executed.

Rida Bilal wrote the characters in such a way that the viewers had never seen before, Yasir Nawaz directed it in such a way that turned this script into a masterpiece.

Khudgarz was a melodrama but strong female characters and their bonding which selflessly tied them together was one of the most refreshing aspects of it. Khudgarz also showed that even in an arranged marriage, a couple can fall in love and lead a happy life. This drama had characters that touched our hearts and lead such a journey that struck a chord. Intense acting elevated the level of this drama a couple of notches. Also, a short but very special character of Omar played by Yasir Nawaz was also a treat for the viewers because through his character, the writer touched to hearts of viewers and made soul-searching a little easier.

Watching Khudgarz was an experience within itself and that is why, it is rated as the best drama of ! Suno Chanda was a delightful, entertaining and gripping Ramazan special show. The overall concept of the show was somewhat like Aangan but unlike Aangan, it did not have a lot of underlying messages and was pure entertainment.

The witty and humorous script made every episode a must-watch. For the first time a child playing a comic role in such a serial got a great deal of attention and appreciation.

This drama also had a beautiful OST which was just as delightful as the drama itself. Suno Chanda was a nice break from all those comic drama serials which rely heavily on cheap comedy. Aakhri Station was deep, meaningful and just plain beautiful!

Everything about this drama was brilliant right from the get-go. It was a relatively short play which was meaningful, deep as well as gripping. It gives hope and educates at the same time.

The OST of this drama is equally impressive. Aakhri Station was a mini-series which did not only highlight the problems faced by women in a male dominated society which thrives on suppressing women but also showed how they eventually empower themselves. Aakhri Station is the story of seven women who meet by chance and end up finding out that they have a lot in common. Although the odds are against these women but they are strong and eager to fight their battles. If you did not get a chance to watch this show before, do watch it online, you will not be disappointed.Pakistan is a neighbouring country of India that in Asian continent.

Its capital is Islamabad.

HUM TV Dramas List | Best 10 Dramas to Watch (Updated)

The film and television industry in Pakistan is very popular among its citizens. Television holds the major share in the entertainment sector. Television industry in Pakistan started in the year in Lahore. The first ever satellite channel PTV-2 of Pakistan started in Inthe government of Pakistan opened new ways to television industry by allowing private TV channels to telecast news, current affairs and other programs.

With the rise in private channels, the content on television started pouring in. Dramas or Serials enjoys the maximum attention. Pakistan television industry has given many beautiful and memorable serials to the country and to the world. Their serials are loved by the audiences of neighbouring countries and the world. The serial was inspired from a novel of same name by the writer itself. The serial revolves around the female protagonist named Shehla who was adopted by a renowned person and her struggle for love and survival.

It was aired on Urdu1 and was directed by Yasir Nawaz. It was a successful show of the channel. Even before its release, the serial managed to gather huge attention and created high wave of anticipation among the viewers. The fresh pairing of Imran Abbas and Ayeza Khan was also loved by the audience. The drama shows the struggles and social issues of glamour industry and upper-class families. It shows and explores different attitudes towards certain profession likes politics, modelling and Film profession.

The serial was set against the theme of old Pakistani film industry and shows the struggles of different characters from the days of mid-sixties. The show reflected the new perspective and interesting plot related to the flourishing Pakistani film industry. The show was written by Faiza Iftikhar provides a fascinating and interesting insight into the familiar faces of the film industry. A new drama on A-plus channel was aired. The background music of the serial was sung and produced by Ahsan Perbvais Mehdi.

The show has the successful pairing of Faisal Qureshi and Ushna Shah. The duo has come together in this serial to reprise their roles and to mesmerise the audience. The story revolves around the struggles of Ushna Shah as a widow.

The story shows how Bilal Faisal Qureshi fall in love with her instead of her sister-in- law Freeha. A romantic serial starring humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat was set in the narrow streets of Sindh, Pakistan. The show was written by Faaiza Iftikhar and directed by Nadeem Baig was successful in getting all the needed attention by their impactful story and direction. The serial remained on top charts of TRP and was loved by the viewers but the critics gave mixed to negative reviews to the drama.

Bin Roye was originally a film released in the year was converted into a serial after the huge success of the movie.When it comes to the Pakistani Drama then they are widely known for their great production. Amongst all the production houses in Pakistan, HUM television network secures the top position. The production house is managed by Momina Duraid and Sultana Siddique.

Since the inception, the production house has produced some exceptional serials from comedy to sad and action to romanticism. You might wonder that where I can watch these amazing and thoughtful series? I have the answer to this question! If you are getting into real trouble then you should definitely download Snaptube as the ultimate solution to all your queries. Download The application is mainly made for you to access the top best Pakistani serials in good quality.

The quick access and less internet consumption make the application different. Just go on to the top search bar and type your desired serial from the list and enjoy the serial without any hassle and distractions.

Top 10 Best Pakistani Dramas

The application enables the listener to save their songs which could be listened to later. It was released in and was beautifully written by Khalil Ul Rehman.

The serial replicated the rural life of Pakistan incorporating the stereotypes, norms and cultural boundaries. The serial telecasted the queen of Pakistani drama industry, Mahira Khan. The very own story of Mr. Khalil added simplicity and value to the overall picture of the serial. Mann Mayal The serial was released in by Hum television network. The serial telecasted Maya Ali in the lead role. The serial also telecasted Hamza Ali Abbasi who is considered as the Hero of the industry with a remarkable fan following.

The serial is based on the story of a transgender and prostitution. The major theme of the drama is to question the norms and pre-conceived beliefs of the country along with the curiosity and entertainment for the audience. Dill-e-Muztar The serial was telecasted in with the lead role of Ali Abbas. The serial was based on the story of a couple who were dealing with several problems due to the intervention of their neighbor. The home-based story was mainly appreciated by the housewives.

best pakistani dramas on hum tv

The derail also left the good message of how a wife should take care of her house in order to resist any mishap.When it comes to Pakistani drama then they are explicitly based on lots of emotions, drama, and masala. Since inception, the industry has produced a remarkable number of dramas which are solely based on romanticism.

The scriptwriters along with Faiza Iftikhar and Khalil have written a number of romantic dramas which were widely watched across the border. The serial was released by Hum Television Network, with a strong cast. The serial was directed by Momina Duraid production and Haseeb Hassan. Mera Naam Yousuf Hai The story of the serial is based on the fierce love, hatred and money driven character.

The drama touched the conflicts and hypocrisies of the society. The serial telecasted Maya Ali in the lead role and made it to the height of popularity. The role of Maya Ali added incredible value to the serial as her role as the maid made the people curious about the ending.

Nikah The serial was telecasted by Hum television network and explicitly questioned the cultural and traditional boundaries of the Pakistani society.

best pakistani dramas on hum tv

The questioning of the traditions and culture made the audience like and appreciate the serial and the serial was not only appreciated within the country but was explicitly appreciated in India and other south Asian countries. Alvida This serial is for the romantics out there! What do we want with a good couple with a great chemistry? The serial is the great example of the romantic family drama with a short story of a couple with a great chemistry.

The serial was appreciated and widely watched by the youngsters around the world as it portrayed an exemplary picture of a great and peaceful relationship. Aik Thi Misaal The serial was telecasted by Hum television network and portrayed a story of a child from a broken family.

Misaal is abandoned by her mother and then is mistreated by her father as well. The serial gave the good message to all the parents in the world about how their mistreated treatment could lead to the mass trouble for a child. The serial was widely appreciated by the people for its thought-provoking message. Kaanch Ki Guriya The serial was released by Geo television network with the strong cast and directorship. The analogy of the name is very deep and interesting as it reflects the women who faces the hardships and is fragile enough to be shattered like a mirror.

The great drama that stole the hearts and support throughout. The serial casted the strong writer, actors and directors. The good content of the serial made it famous and being loved by the people across the world. This story has the soul like no other sentimental drama. The combination of romantic and sad aspect made the serial popular amongst the housewives and youngsters within the country.Best Pakistani Dramas of — Every single year, our drama channels strive to provide quality entertainment to the viewers and the year was no different.

There are a few key factors which need to be there in order for any drama to work and this year; we did get to enjoy some of those dramas. A great story line coupled with a brilliant direction, amazing characterization which is then backed by equally good acting are those aspects which contribute towards the success of a drama. It not always has to be a drama that has all the flavors in it, sometimes simplest of story lines and decent execution is enough to make any drama appeal to the audience.

In this list, we discuss the best Pakistani dramas of which garnered a lot of popularity and appreciation of the viewers. All these dramas had one thing or the other to offer, from complex story lines to simple ones, from stellar cast to a line up of good actors, these dramas appealed to the drama buffs and provided the quality entertainment that they were on a lookout for. Ranjha Ranjha Kardi was hands down one of the most well-written, brilliantly acted out and superbly executed dramas of There are very few dramas which leave an everlasting impression and this was definitely one of them.

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi gave the viewers some of the most memorable characters played superbly by few of the best actors of the Pakistani drama industry.

best pakistani dramas on hum tv

A Sarwat Nazeer script which in simplest of manners showed the struggles of a girl who belonged to such a family which never made her feel that she belonged to them. It was also brilliantly shown by Sarwat Nazeer that how love at times can make you selfish and how it also makes you selfless.

Badar loved Gaiti selfishly and selflessly which made it quite interesting to see and explore. Do Bol is a perfect example of how simple scripts when rightly executed can turn into a blockbuster drama. Hira Mani and Affan Waheed were beyond brilliant in Do Bol and all the supporting actors did an amazing job as well.

The new faces in this drama and solid performances from some of the more experienced actors make this drama interesting. Anaa is a nice break from some of the more heavy duty dramas, it is an entertaining play which keeps you looking forward to more.

This drama also explores relationships, the role ego plays in destroying relations and most importantly there are no black and white characters in this drama. Meer Abru is a story of love, misunderstanding and betrayal. This drama revolves around the love story of Meer and Abru and shows how circumstances create differences between them. Meer Abru is the kind of drama that has everything to offer, from drama to some light-hearted moments and a brilliant portrayal of all kinds of emotions that a person goes through.

Another strength of this drama is that every single character has something to offer and they all contribute in making this drama complete. Saad Qureshi and Srha Asghar have also showcased their acting skills in a brilliant manner.

Meer Abru has scored a spot in this list for all the right reasons. Inkaar is one of the more heavy duty dramas in this list which deals with a sensitive topic and does so with great responsibility.

Wafa Kar Chalay Episode 77 HUM TV Drama 9 April 2020

The writer has taken inspiration from real-life incidents and has done complete justice to a difficult script. Inkaar highlights the importance of consent in a relationship and shows why some men find it impossible to respect women the way they deserve to be respected. The makers of Inkaar have kept everything real and to the point without compromising on showing details which were important to make the viewers understand the characters and relate to the story.

Inkaar is meaningful as well as engaging, definitely one of the best Pakistani dramas this year. Khud Parast was one such drama that had an interesting story line and intense performances to its credit.Entertainment is probably the first thing to search for when one is having free time or maybe not-in-a-good-mood time. Best Pakistani dramas will always distract you from the outside world and keep you in the setting of the story with it.

But watching poorly plotted dramas is a very bad idea as it will only aid you in exasperation. Following is a list of top 10 Hum TV dramas that is a must-watch, a vibrant story in every serial you watch:. Khaani is the feminine form of Khan which means a ruler.

This drama serial is directed by Anjum Khan and written by Asma Nabeel. It stars Feroze Khan and Sana Javed as main characters.

The story is all about a one-sided love achievement. The hero which is Feroze khan named as Hadi in the show falls in love with the heroine which is Sana Javed named as Khaani in the show who is the sister of the same guy killed by the hero.

Hadi starts expressing his love for Khaani whereas Khaani stands in the court for justice against him. The show is concluded with a very deep lesson. Hadi is sent behind the bars and he becomes a very religious person, practicing love and spirituality among the other prisoners.

Khaani is married to another guy where she lives happily. The story gives a very strong reflection of Justice. Deedan is on the second number in the list of best Hum TV dramas A very traditional themed drama. The story is about two young girls striving and struggling to escape the ignorant customs of a village where girls are treated as commodities. Resham, a girl who belongs to Swat is trapped in the old traditions.

Meanwhile, the other girl named Palvasha marries the love of her life and gets settled, enjoying very good living. In the end, Resham leaves the village overnight with Zardab and gets away to another city. A lot of problems arose again in their lives but somehow they manage to survive and leads a happy life. The story has beautiful and colorful visuals shown in dresses and jewels. Ranjha Ranjha Kardi is a drama serial with a magnificent story.

There she starts living by working in a factory and comes around two guys, Sahir and Bhola.


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