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Texas Department of Public Safety Provides that no individual, corporation, or association may deny access to goods, services, or facilities to individuals who have personal identification cards instead of driver's licenses. Provides that DPS may refuse to issue a license to a person whose disability prevents him or her from exercising reasonable or ordinary control over a motor vehicle. However, a person may not be denied a license based on disability if common experience shows that his or her disability does not incapacitate a person from safely operating a motor vehicle.

Exempts individuals from the safety belt requirement who have a written statement from a licensed physician stating that for a medical reason the person should not wear a safety belt. Exempts certain veterans with disabilities from fees for obtaining a driver's license or personal ID. Issuance of specialty license plates for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing The Texas Transportation Code authorizes a person to make a voluntary contribution to the Special Olympics Texas fund when registering a motor vehicle or renewing a motor vehicle registration.

The Texas Transportation Code prohibits a driver's license application from including an inquiry regarding the applicant's mental health other than a general inquiry as to whether the applicant has a mental condition that may affect the applicant's ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.Getting a driver's license for the first time is a life changing experience for any teen.

Imagine no longer needing a ride to the mall, or waiting to be picked up after school. Once you have your Texas driver's license in hand, those days will be a distant memory. The process of getting your Texas driver's license might seem complicated, but we've made it much easier to understand by explaining the steps you'll need to take in a simple, easy-to-follow manner.

As of October 1,only the REAL ID will function as federal identification for domestic travel and entry into federal and military buildings. Teens under 18 years old who have a license or learner's permit from another U.

In an effort to minimize the tremendous risks associated with first-time drivers, many states, including Texas, have adopted a Graduated Driver License GDL program. Over the course of the GDL program, teens must achieve certain milestones prior to obtaining their driver licenses.

Many of these milestones are age and experience related. Teens can start driver's education as soon as they are 14 years old, but they cannot apply for their Phase One license until they are at least 15 years old. The Driver's Ed requirement must include 32 hours of classroom instruction. Public school may require more classroom hours. All types of Texas Driver's Ed require 30 hours of behind the wheel training as of October 1st Those taking teen driver education courses must also satisfy the Impact Texas Teen Drivers ITTD program by watching an informational video about distracted driving if you are 15 through 17 years old.

You will not be eligible to take the driving skills test without completing this requirement first. After watching the video, you will receive an ITTD Certificate of Completionwhich you must present before taking the skills exam. You must take the exam within 90 days of receiving your certificate. The minimum age for applying for your learner's permit is 15 years old, but you can begin your driver's education at 14 years old if you want to get a jump start.

Let's break down this complicated process into simple terms. The first milestone on your path to your driver's license is obtaining a Texas learner's permit. Once you've completed Driver's Ed and polished your skills with a practice test, it's time to head to the DPS for your written exam. Don't leave your permit test to chance—take our free permit practice test with questions directly from the TX driver handbook. It's the fastest, easiest way to set yourself up for success!

Once you present your documents and fees, you'll take the written test. Once you have your learner's permit in your possession, it's time to get busy. Your permit basically says that you understand the principles of being a responsible driver, but you still need some valuable practice. With your learner's permit in hand, you must log 30 hours of driver training with a licensed driver over 21 years old.

Also, 10 hours of those hours must be at night. More importantly, you need to be prepared to pass your driving test. Once you have held your learner's permit for 6 months, and you've completed your 30 hours of behind-the-wheel training and have reached 16 years old, it's time to make a trip to the DPS and take your driving test.

Successfully pass this test and Phase Two, with your intermediate license, begins. With your Intermediate License, you can now drive solo without supervision, but there are a few restrictions:. Once you turn 18 years old, the state GDL restrictions will be lifted.

Your Texas driver's license will be marked "provisional" until you turn 18 years old. If you'd like to track and share your progress along the way, check out our new license checklist. It's not related to the GDL program; rather, it's a type of hardship license that allows teens to become fully licensed at 15 years old if they meet certain requirements:.

Contact local DPS office for more information. Auto insurance is required by law and is extremely important for protecting yourself financially if there is an accident.

Adding a teen driver may significantly increase the cost of auto insurance premiums, so it is a good idea to check with multiple auto insurance companies to find the best coverage. Phase One teens may be covered under the insurance of the adult licensed driver who is riding with them.Some Texas drivers who are seeking to renew their licenses can conduct transactions online or over the phone. The majority of the customers who visit driver license offices in the state, an estimated 3.

Apply for a License (Drivers 18+) in Texas

Over the past few years, the agency has faced pressure to improve long wait times and high call volumes. Last year, lawmakers passed — and the Governor signed— a law extending the life of the agency.

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Your last renewal was completed in person at a driver license office. Your driver license or ID card either expires in less than two years or has been expired for less than two years. You are at least 18 years of age and your driver license is not a provisional or learner license. Your browser supports bit encryption. You are a U. People 79 or older must renew driver licenses in person. Class A and B licenses and commercial driver licenses cannot be renewed online.

There is no change in your vision or physical or mental condition since your last renewal that would affect your ability to operate a motor vehicle. You have no outstanding traffic tickets or warrants, and your license is not suspended or revoked. If your card is expired, you can only change your address if you also renew at the same time.

You cannot replace an expired card. Replacement or Change of Address Requirements for Driver Licenses Only You can replace or change an address for a driver license or commercial license online. Your license is not suspended or revoked. If your card expires before October 1,don't worry. Check your eligibility to renew online here: www. Does your card expire between October 1, and October ?

texas driver license

You can renew up to two years ahead of your expiration date. Go to Texas. If your card expires between October 1, and Octoberyou can request a duplicate at Texas. If your card expires after Octoberyou have multiple options: Do you have a passport? Help Center For technical assistance with this application, please call or send an email to Texas. Resources Texas Department of Public Safety.What if I have a serious reason for driving on my own? If you are at least 15 years old and can prove your necessity to drive due to a hardship, you may get a hardship license Minor Restricted Driver License or MRDLwhich will allow you to drive with some restrictions based on the hardship.

To qualify, you must also complete a behind the wheel phase of a driver education course and apply together with an authorized adult a parent, guardian, employer or county judge. Getting a provisional license is phase 2 of the Graduated Driver License GDL Program that applies to drivers younger than 18 years of age.

The provisional license will expire on your 18th birthday. Provisional license restrictions: no driving with more than one passenger in the car under the age of 21 who is not a family member, no driving between midnight and a. The same is true about a hardship license if you possess one. You should also reach the age of 16 before you apply. You must finish both the classroom and behind-the-wheel portions of driver education. You can complete it at your public school, driver training school or take a parent-taught driver education course PTDE.

Check here all driver education options. It is a free, 2 hour informational video that shares the dangers of distracted driving. You must watch it after having completed a driver education course. Your certificate of ITTD course completion will be valid for 90 days. If you don't pass your driving skills exam within these 90 days, you'll have to take the ITTD course again. You can schedule the test online at all driver license offices. To locate a nearby office, use this map.

Alternatively, you can schedule a driving test appointment with an authorized Commercial Driver Education school also known as a third party skills testing TPST school. Additional fees apply. If you don't pass the exam on your first attempt, your application will be held for 90 days. After 90 days or three failed exams, a new application and fee will be required.

If you take and pass the driving exam through an approved TPST school, you must present the sealed envelope prepared by the school for the exam to be waived at the driver license office.If you're looking to drive legally in Texas, you need to obtain your driver's license right away.

Whether you're a new resident, a first-time driver, or a non-citizen, the Texas Department of Public Safety DPS makes it simple to obtain your new license. As of October 1,only the REAL ID will function as federal identification for domestic travel and entry into federal and military buildings. Find all the information you need to finish your moving requirements with the DMV. If you're new to Texas, you have 90 days from the time you moved to the state to obtain your Texas driver's license.

After that, your out-of-state or out-of-country license will no longer be valid for use in TX. If your license is from a country other than those listed above, you must take both the written and driving tests. NOTE: If you have a valid learner license from one of the countries listed above and wish to upgrade to a license in Texas, you'll be required to take the road test but not the knowledge test.

If you've just moved to TX and you are either active in or recently discharged from the military and your driver's license is expired, you might be able to skip the knowledge and driving tests IF:.

If you're interested in applying for another type of licensecheck out the following pages:. Texas does not require drivers 18 years old and over to have a learner license prior to applying; however, if you are getting your license for the first time, you'll need to have a learner license to practice for your driving test. Once you're ready to apply for your new driver's license, visit your local driver license office and:.

texas driver license

Once you've met all of the above requirements, you'll be issued a receipt which you can use to drive legally until your new license arrives.

Your permanent Texas drivers license will be mailed to you within 3 weeks.

texas driver license

If you do not pass the tests, you'll need to begin the driver's license application process over and pay a new fee. Don't leave your permit test to chance—take our free permit practice test with questions directly from the TX driver handbook. It's the fastest, easiest way to set yourself up for success! Check the Texas DPS online scheduling page to see if this is an option for your local office.

If you are applying for a first-time license in Texas and you're between 18 through 24 years old, you're required to take an adult driver education course AND participate in the Impact Texas Young Drivers ITYD program. You have different options to take adult driver education training. The course is 6 hours and can be taken in a classroom or online.

At the completion of the course you will be given a certificate of completion. If you are a veteran, you may qualify for a fee exemption if disabled and may be able to add a veteran designation to your new license.

If you meet the above qualifications, you can get your fee waived by presenting one of the follow documents at the time of application to confirm your disability status:.

Department of Veterans Affairs, you'll need to provide verification of your disability by your military branch. You are eligible to get a veteran designation on your new Texas driver's license if you are a veteran who has been honorably discharged from one of the following U.

To get the designation, present ONE of the following documents at your local driver license office :. As a non-citizen, you will apply for a license in the same way as a U. However, you must prove lawful presence in the U. The Texas DPS provides a full list of accepted documentation for you to check ahead of time to make sure you bring the right document s.

You'll be issued a limited-term driver license if you are NOT one of the following:. Limited-term licenses lapse on the DHS-determined expiration date of your lawful presence. Just Moved? Apply for Your New Texas Driver's License Texas does not require drivers 18 years old and over to have a learner license prior to applying; however, if you are getting your license for the first time, you'll need to have a learner license to practice for your driving test.

Present appropriate proof of ID. The TX DPS provides a full list of accepted documentsbut expect to bring: Proof of identitywhich could include: 1 primary document e. OR 2 secondary documents e. OR 1 secondary document AND 2 supporting documents e.When you turn 14, you can start taking driver education. And when you turn 16, you can get your license!

Includes Texas DPS written exam, a parent account, and behind-the-wheel training tools. Get your Texas driving permit quickly with this course. The course includes your Texas DPS written exam and gives you the option to choose your behind-the-wheel provider.

Ready to get your Texas driver license? What about adults who need to learn how to drive? So, as we said, the first step to getting your license is taking drivers ed.

Here is a breakdown by age:. So, if you take your one hour of behind-the-wheel, you can only take one more hour of classroom learning that day. Behind the wheel includes seven hours of observation watching a parent or instructorseven hours of training driving while a parent or instructor coaches you and 30 hours of practice driving with a licensed driver.

DPS Texas driving test 2019

Ten of those practice hours must be done at night. You got all that? Can you take classroom Drivers Ed and behind-the-wheel instruction simultaneously? The answer is a bit complex. Some Teen Drivers Ed programs abide by the block methodmeaning you have to finish all 32 hours in the classroom before you can touch a steering wheel.

texas driver license

Others use the concurrent methodmeaning you can get your instruction permit after six hours of classroom instruction, and finish both phases of Driver Education together. Licensed Using Aceable Drivers Ed! PTDE sounds great, right?

Apply for a License (Under 18) in Texas

We know! Primarily because there are a few stipulations to who can teach Parent Taught Driver Ed. To view all rules for parent instructor eligibility, click here. Adult drivers ed is a much shorter six-hour course. You can choose to take adult drivers ed online or at a brick-and-mortar school.

The course can be completed online or at a brick-and-mortar driving school.


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